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House of Yarn Dyed Garments

A company specialized in manufacturing of woven yarn dyed and printed garments. We are a quality conscious company. Our core competency is the production of fabric because we start from the yarn.

Since Pakistan is one of the major cotton producing countries, the basic raw material is locally abundant. Skilled labor force for the garment industry is available at reasonable costs. Taking advantage of all these factors, we are able to offer fabric and garments at very competitive prices.

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Our Mission...

Endeavor to increase the share in USA market for middle and lower budget product lines.

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Garment unit consists of composite cut to pack facilities ranging from JukiĀ® single needle lock stitch, overlock safety to entire special machines setup re-quired for the process. Annual production capacity is over one million pieces.

Our expertise ...
  • We have over 24 years’ experience in manufacturing of woven yarn dyed garments.

  • We are a quality conscious company and work with our customers as partners going an extra mile to provide value added and result oriented services.

  • Our core competency is the production of fabric because we start from the yarn. That is why we are able to offer a blend of good quality with most competitive prices.

  • We have quick turnaround / Lead times starting 45 days from order confirmation.
  • Our minimums are as low as 500 pcs/ design.

  • We offer free sampling and design facilities to our customers.

Let's embark on a journey together.


Flannel | Plaid | Woven | Brawny


Lounge Pants


Shorts | Boxers


Plaid Hooded Shirts


Quilted | Sherpa | Fleece Lined

Pyjama Suits

Pyjama Suits | Night Suits


Below is our selective product portfolio, feel free to have a look. Click to zoom and filter to select desired category.

Hooded Jacket

Thermal Lined & Fleece Hood

Flannel Shirt

Western Style


100% Cotton or CVC

Regular Flannel Shirts

Matching Plaids at Chest Pocket

Brawny Shirt

100% Cotton Heavy Flannel


Cargo Pockets

Soft Flannel Shirts

Roll Up Sleeves

Pyjama Suits

Night Dress & Lounge Pants

Quilted Jacket

Polyester Linings

Shirts for Summer

Long or Short Sleeves

Belted Shorts

Regular Pockets

More than one million pieces a year

25 Years of Experience

Minimum 500 Pieces, Low turnaround time

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  • CI-148, Sector 6-B, North Karachi Industrial Area
  • Karachi-75850, Pakistan
  • +92 21 36907867 & 36982461
  • +92 21 36900344